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SilverStone SST-PP07-EPS8B

  • SilverStone SST-PP07-EPS8B

SilverStone SST-PP07-EPS8B

Cable alargador, extensor para caja EPS12V 4+4 pines


Fabricante: SilverStone

Garantía: 2 años

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9.00 €
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■ Extend cable length of existing power supply

■ Every wire is individually sleeved in black, white or red

■ Compatible with all PSU’s


PP07 is an individually sleeved extension power cable set that is useful for system with large case or motherboards and to also improve cable management. This is a great addition to any user that wishes to optimize airflow and appearance inside their case.



Model No. SST-PP07-EPS8B
Color black
Connectors 1 x 8pin to EPS12V 8pin(4+4) connector
Length 300mm
Wire gauge 16 AWG


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