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Foto WD Black SN750 NVMe 1TB

WD Black SN750 NVMe 1TB

Disco Solido SSD, M.2 2280, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe, 1TB, controladora Western Digital, memoria flash SanDisk 64-layer 3D TLC. Canon LPI: 6,59 €.

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133.00 (109.92+IVA)


EAN/GTIN-13: 718037865393

Fabricante: Western Digital

Garantía: 5 años

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Level Up to NVMe SSD Performance

The WD BLACK™ SN750 NVMe™ SSD delivers top-tier performance for gaming and hardware enthusiasts who are looking to build or upgrade their PC. Available in capacities up to 2TB, the WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD rivals some of the best performing drives on the market to help give gamers that competitive edge.


Performance Matters

Live life in the fast lane, whether you’re looking to boost your system’s overall responsiveness or load games and levels quickly, the WD BLACK drive cuts down on your wait time to get back into action and gets you ahead of the game.


Space to Play

At the core of the WD BLACK drive is its revolutionary NAND technology. By doubling the storage density from its previous generation, our 64-layer 3D NAND pushes the limitations of storage and showcases the amazing feat of NAND innovation. This means extended capacity on a single-sided drive that’s roughly the size of a gumstick, enough to store your large files and video games.


Technical Specifications


PCIe Gen3 8 Gb/s, up to 4 lanes


Form Factor

M.2 2280


Sequential Read/Write:

Up to 3,400 MB/s Read
Up to 2,900 MB/s Write


Up to 3,470 MB/s Read
Up to 3,000 MB/s Write


Up to 3,470 MB/s Read
Up to 2,600 MB/s Write

Up to 3,100 MB/s Read
Up to 1,600 MB/s Write














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